Friday, February 22, 2013

An Introduction and Disclaimer

An introduction and Disclaimer

This blog is a little diary, of my recent adventures with computer & mobile technology. 

I have always love gadgets,  (My first gadget, I purchase is a LED digital watch that was in my teens)  and computers & now smart phones represent one big toy for me.  Playing around with a gadget, learning how to use it and its software has taken many hours of my time. 

Personal Computers started up just as I left school ,  I purchase my first 086 computer after I started working,  Hand phone affordability in term of pricing and service (prepaid era) started just when I made the breakthrough in my career in to management thus such devices became affordable for me. 

Now,  In my House,  I have 3 Computers,  A Dell Desk Top (a 3 years old, dual core 2G, what the model I have no idea ,  I just got it to replace my note book) ,  An Acer Aspire 2920 Note Book (3 years) which is giving me problems and a Toshiba NB305 Net Book  (2 years).  And there is an Acer A510 tabet around for the kids for games.    

Hand phones / Smart phones,  I read somewhere that a user will change his/her hand phone around 12  to 18 months,  well that seem to be around my rate of change as well.  Currently at Home I have a Nokia 110,  Nokia X3,  Nokia 5800, And a Samsung W,  Yes Use to be a Nokia Fan Boy,  Now I love using the Droid OS.     


The contents and opinions of this Blog is from the Author’s own experiences, happenings, at a particular date and time and will of course vary from other persons due to many other factors. While every effort have been made to provide accurate and complete information of a particular  or information or a 3rd party link, due to most of the information’s are time sensitive and changes may have accord, this blog and the Author cannot and will not be held responsible for any changes, incorrect information, misleading information that may be disseminated

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