Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Michelin Energy XM2, First impression.

Michelin Energy XM2 first impression. 

Just change my 3 years old Perodua Alza tyres,  which have now 50000KM on the clock,  The old tyre worn out indicators is now flush with the surface of my tyres, and when driving in the heavy rain last month there were a few moments where I feel the tyres are not gripping, so its best to change for safety.   
the OEM tyres,  ware indicators are even,  time to change,  see all the little stones stuck. 

After a round of research on the net, I finalise on the Michelin Energy XM2,  hopefully I can get some fuel savings,  I upgraded slightly from the original 155/55/R15 to 155/60/R15 as there were no more stock of the original size tyres.
The New Tyres

The 4 donuts,  (soorrrrry  could not resist) cost me a total of RM1K including installation, balancing and alignment,  together with 2 very useful “free” gifts.  A foldable / stand able cooler bag (18 can) that can double up as a stool, an multifunction Life Saver Gadget,  that is a Hand crank Flash Light / Hand Phone charger  /  Flashing Beacon with a magnetic base / Emergency Glass Hammer / Safety Belt Cutter all in one. 

Handy Little Gifts,  look like Michelin really took some effort,  the cooler bag will be useful on shopping days, to store the frozen items,  the hand crank flash light,  will ensure that in emergency situation you will not need to look for batteries. 

This Hand crank flash light, look like a phaser from the star trek series.   

Anyway, my first impression, is that the ride is more comfortable, less rolling resistance, and less noisy then my worn out oem tyres.   I feel that it will not pick up little stones between the treads.  As for Fuel Economy,  less see after a few full tanks,  in theory,  one size up, less rolling resistance should translate to better economy, especially long distance highway driving.     



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