Sunday, December 15, 2013

Asus Transformer Book T100TA – DK005H (Part 2)

Asus Transformer Book T100TA – DK005H  (Part 2) 


It’s a Windows (8.1) Tablet,  10in Touch Screen,  with a Detachable Key Board Dock which will transform the Tablet in to a Laptop.  Reviews on the internet, have indicated that this Hybrid,  offers a long endurance (11 hrs), relatively good resolution,  latest processor & operating system, bundle with MS office, and a 500gb hdd and most importantly affordably price. 


Some may say a 10in is too big for a tablet,  too small for a lap top,  maybe so,  However I have been using a 10in Netbook for Office Work  (Ms Words & Excel), with some light graphics,  Minor Photo Editing and Power Point), and frankly I am more than comfortable with this size. 


The new Bay Trail chip, is suppose to be twice as fast as the old Atom processors, and has boosted graphics prowess,  which is almost equivalent with a recent Celeron chip, has low power consumption which give great endurance, but with low heat production suitable for fanless tablets


Overall this hybrid, comes with a 1.2mp front camera,  no gps, no back camera (do not need one), micro usb port, micro hdmi, micro sd card slot, headset jack, volume controls on the tablet, with wifi a/b/n, Bluetooth 4.0.  and 32gb memory of which around 14gb is user usable. 




The Keyboard Dock is what transform the Tablet into a useable laptop,  It’s a full QWERTY keyboard,  with a touchpad,  full size 3.0 usb port and a 500gb HDD.   The Dock solidly connects with the Tablet with a click, and will only release when a button is pressed. 


The tablet operating system, is a full version of the latest Windows 8.1,  so you can run all the legacy windows software.  Bundling in MS Office Home and Student is a right move by ASUS. 


Overall it is relatively thin and light,  0.9in thick, weight 2.4pounds (tablet n Keyboard), the tablet weight in at 1.2pounds, which overall make this slightly thicker then an ultrabook, but lighter and cheeper!   


It’s a decent little device,  light enough,  powerful enough, have enough endurance to give other tablets and bigger laptops a good run for the money!


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