Monday, December 16, 2013

Asus Transformer Book T100TA – DK005H (Part 3) Apps ?

Asus Transformer Book T100TA – DK005H  (Part 3)  Apps ? 


Part of the “fun” or a “headache” in getting a new devise is the new “software”, the apps you can add in.  Windows 8 come late into the downloadable apps arena, but its catching up.   Why is this important?  It is basically the software and apps that gives the user the “right” experience and compliment the hardware


Some of the Software/Apps I will consider installing among others, (recommended by Tom Guide), to ensure I have the tools to run my netbook/tablet properly are   


CClean, is a Program that clean up the unneeded files that will clatter up your memory slowing down the computer, things like temp internet files, history, cache,   I have been using this program from 2 laptops ago,  on my Android Phone I Have install Clean Master for this purpose.  


10 bit Uninstallr 2,  design to uninstall programs, and it’s very portable as it can be install in USB drive and use anywhere.    


Qbit torrent,  currently am using U torrent on my net book    


Irfamview, this is a lightweight photo editing tool such as resize, text insertion etc, completely new to me.   Currently I am not doing any photo editing other then resize a photo, and that only on my phone with Reduce Photo Size.    


7 zip, unpack compress files, I find this usefull, and easy to use,  have been using this for 2 years back.    


Microsoft Security Essential, this come highly recommended,  general anti virus security,  may consider this over my current AVG anti virus.    


Mozilla Firefox,   A Internet Browser,  been using this for quite some time,  however I heard of rave reviews of the built in Internet Explorer 11.    


VLC Media Player, recommended to be highly compatible, suppose can load almost any video out there.  New, will give it a try as having some problems with some shows  


Defaggler,  defragment your hard disk,  remember to not defrag your ssd or thumb drive    


Adobe Touch Reader,  To read Pdf files,  have a collection of PDF files to read,  but have got use to Moon+ Reader on Android,     


Every Day Food -  Collection of Easy to Prepare Everyday Recipe,  seems to be a usefull app


Now I will Need to find, "Keep" a google note keeping app which I have been using on my handphone.   


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