Friday, December 27, 2013

Chinese New Year 2014 (Horse)

One of the things My Family does every New Year, 
is to Purchase Dried Liver Sausages for one special shop in George Town,  Rope Walk that import
this delicacy from china.  It's not available any other time.
Normally this duty is perform by my late father, A few years back,  he have requested me
to drive him down to buy this.  Now this duty has to be perform by me. 

Cost  RM78 per Kg this year from this shop, (the other end of rope walk near the police station,  cannot find them any where else.  The Photo of the sausage is for slightly less then a Kg. 

We will usually have this steam,  occasionally grilled / pan fried.  It will bring back memories of my late father when we have this. 

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