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Asus Transformer Book T100TA – DK005H (Part 6) First Impression of Tablet and Windows 8.1

Asus Transformer Book T100TA – DK005H  (Part 6) First Impression of Tablet and Windows 8.1


Overall I am more than happy with this “toy”, especially with Bundle legal software, MS Office, Whatever its short comings are, its minor and I can live with it,  especially for a person migrating from a 10in Netbook running win 7 starter. 


First Impression  

Keyboard dock, read many review that complain about keyboard, about the small touch pad, its flimsy, its small, its cramp, the touch pad feel and so on.  For me I have no complaints in this department.  Have to make some adjustment though, due to key layout is slightly different.  The feel and the touch even with a keyboard cover is good.  I can type with speed (touch type), typo come when the key board key are different from the norm.    


Have to get use to Win 8.1 touch interface and Metro, the gestures etc need to be operate, need to experiment and some explanation, but once I get the hang of it, the feel is similar with Android.  Desktop is as familiar as Win 7 Starter. 


The Windows Store have some apps,  but not as extensive if compared with the other os,  I tried to look for an Apps to display the % of the Battery remaining, in Metro but could not find any,  but manage to find a Apps to display the time (Clock Tile).  I imagine it will be a matter of time pun intended till there will be an app for everything        


Battery Life:  supposed to last for hours,  11 hours as per ASUS,  it’s still too early to say


Porting Over:  No problems here, manage to transfer over my files without any problems,  have no problems operating IE11(think I will use this as the browser, but may download firefox as back up), and the MS Office programs. 


What I believe can be improved. 

The back of the Tablet / Cover of the net book is a Finger Print Magnet, its smooth glossy cover back will get smug in no time, similar with the screen (the screen protector I purchase helps), however the key board surface is ok. 


There is an E Manual pin to the Desktop task bar, but not at the Metro start, its somewhere in the Apps. I stumble across it by chance.    The E Manual explanation could be better, there are certain places where I was confuse.   


I connected an usb hub to the 3.0 usb at the dock, unfortunately I could only operate one item at a time, either a mouse, or a thumb drive, or a hdd (the hdd “hang” initially but work ok later on),    I prefer to transfer file by using a mouse. 


At the computer shop, the owner and I tried to connect an OTG cable, to the mini usb on the Tablet, however could not get any connection with the thumb drive attach.  Will try one more time.  Android is one up in this area.  So we have to dock the table to transfer files from HDD or Thumb Drive.  Or transfer it to a Micro SD Card or over the net. 


The Mini USB & Mini HDMI port look similar,  confuse,  and which side of the cable is up?? 


Switching on the Tablet is a bit of a trial and error,  there were a few time where I have to press a few times,  Does it cost that much to have some LED lights,  to indicate the Tablet is on?, Bluetooth is on?, Wifi is on etc? 

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